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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Setit Official Launch Announcement

Setit Media — 8/1/2020 — Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of Setit, a media organization. Setit Media organization is established to provide objective information, to allow the public to make informed decisions and contribute towards building a more civilized Eritrean society. Geared towards Eritreans and all interested in the affairs of Eritrea and the East African region Setit strives to depict prevailing political, economic and social glaring reality in Eritrea and bridge the global movement for justice and democracy in Eritrea.
As a media entity, Setit at its core is a platform for objective, accurate and inclusive information. Setit Media outlets includes website, and Setit Media YouTube tv channel. Setit also uses social media venues, Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
Setit is inspired and driven by the role of Eritrean journalists in jail since September 2001 and banned Eritrea independent newspapers including Setit, Zemen, Hadas Admas, Keste Demena, Zegenaye, Meqaleh, Winta, and Mana. Setit Media aims to keep their legacy alive and revive Eritrean society towards development and democracy.

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