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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Eritreans are angry at Ethiopian Diplomat over his remarks

Spokesperson of Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Comments about Eritreans not being happy for [tooltip text=”breaking away” gravity=”nw”]1991 Independence of Eritrea[/tooltip] from Ethiopia has caused anger among many Eritreans. This came after Ambassador Dina mufti’s comments on Tuesday March 30th. The Ambassador, when asked about exiting of Eritrean Soldiers from Tigrai Region “Eritreans never felt happy about the day that they seceded from Ethiopia and they do not respect that day” he said. “This is what Eritreans in Diaspora often talk about” the spokesperson Added.
These remarks have angered many Eritrean and they are calling out the spokesperson. Some also have demanded an apology from the diplomat. Many, including prominent Eritrean Artist Dahab Fatinga took their anger to Social media and has attracted a wide attention from many.
These comments came amid worsening humanitarian crisis in the northern region of Ethiopia, where soldiers of Ethiopia and Eritrean may have committed gross violation of human rights according to the allegation by rights group.

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