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“Thank you to the brave men and women members of the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) who have made the ultimate sacrifice to hold our flag high”. We will Never Let Our Guard Down.
For over 60 years Eritrea has been fighting for its survival. From 1961-1991 it passed through a very arduous and complicated struggle for independence. After enjoying a few peaceful years, following the liberation and subsequent independence of Eritrea in 1991, the Eritrean enemies, under the pretext of Badme, initiated a war of aggression that aimed at occupying Eritrea and its people. One undeniable truth that persisted during the past two challenging periods, was the unity of Eritreans and their determination, persistence, and loyalty to their country. Eritreans inside and outside of the country stood together hand in hand and fought hard against the aggressors. However, when the recent TPLF’s violent armed insurrection and attempt to overthrow the Ethiopian Government and then subsequently invade Eritrea crashed miserably, some formerly TPLF- trained hidden voices started to emerge. Previously such voices were operating under the guise of “Eritrean Justice Seekers”. However, these groups exposed themselves because they took the TPLF’s insurrection as a golden opportunity to overthrow the Eritrean government and assume power in Asmara. They were lined up for a power grab. These groups were Agazians, Tigray-Tigrigna, Greater-Tigray, Islamists, Tribalists, and of course Eritrean Ahmed Chalabis. Under the banner of “Tigray-Wins”, these treasonous groups initiated and implemented a multi-front distractive propaganda campaign against the Eritrean government, the Eritrean army, and even the country. Some of the campaign messages were focused on dividing and confusing diaspora Eritreans, weakening the well-known Eritrean patriotism, and of course, getting paid by their sponsors. The members of these groups are Eritrean- born and raised Tigrayans, Eritreans whose parents served the former occupying Ethiopian regime in Eritrea, and some who were expelled from the Eritrean government for disciplinary reasons. Some of the dreadful actions of these subversive groups can be summarized as follows:

African Borders were Demarcated by Colonialists.

African borders were demarcated by European Colonialists. Accordingly, the African Union has long decided colonial borders to be acceptable borders between African countries. These borders were not demarcated along ethnic lines. For example, if we take Ethiopia: the Somali, the Afar, the Oromo, and other ethnic groups live in Somalia, Eritrea, Kenya, etc. respectively. Then why is the presence of Tigrinya- speaking communities in Eritrea and Ethiopia considered a unique demographic reality? The truth is it is not the presence of the two Tigrigna- speaking people in the two countries that is unique. It is the sinister motive behind it. The mission is to destroy the Eritrean unity that has long been an obstacle to the invaders that dreamed and failed to occupy Eritrea. The British tried to antagonize the Eritrean Moslem with their Eritrean Christian brothers and sisters. By sponsoring the Eritrean Orthodox church Haile Selassie used the same method to make the annexation of Eritrea a reality. The Dergue military junta used highland and lowland politics to weaken the Eritrean struggle for independence. Now we see TPLF doing the same. TPLF’s propagandists are telling the Eritrean Tigrigna speakers to forget their Moslem brothers and sisters and align themselves with Tigray. For the Eritrean people and especially for those freedom fighters who spent their precious youth years working hard to eradicate such sub-patriotic thinking, TPLF’s divisionary propaganda must be the biggest joke of 2023. The unity of Eritreans was reshaped and hardened during the liberation struggle, and it will persist for generations to come. For those who continue to challenge it the writer likes to remind them that they are making us remember the conspiracies and tactics of the old foreign invaders who persistently tried to occupy Eritrea and failed miserably. As to the relationship between Tigray and Eritrea it will continue forever but as neighbors only.

Desecrating the Eritrean Flag.

An ignorant amateur singer who claims to be an Eritrean was once asked why he desecrated and burned the Eritrean flag. He responded that civilized western citizens burn their flags to protest their government policies. What this amateur half-baked Eritrean wannabe politician didn’t know was citizens do not burn their flag. Only those who are foreigners who oppose the activities of other foreign governments’ policies burn flags. For instance, whatever the reason is Americans do not burn their flags. They have high regard for their flag. When they find their flag in the wrong place, they fold it respectfully and put it where it belongs. Conversely, to express their opposition to foreign government policies towards their country the Iranians are often seen burning an American flag. So do the Afghans and the Palestinians. In no way does any group that claims to oppose its government burn or desecrates his/her flag. The reason is that the flag belongs to the people, not the government.

Undermining the Eritrean Martyrs.

During the 1998 TPLF’s aggression against Eritrea, TPLF’s rag-tag army destroyed Eritrean Martyrs’ cemetery in Shambuko, and trashed the human remains. TPLF’s action against the cemetery was a clear indication that its objective was not only to invade Eritrea but also to erase its history and deeply held values. To understand this, you do not have to go further than Wolkaite. In the 1980s when TPLF started operating in Wolkaite, its initial action was to eliminate rich families in Wolkate. After it finished arresting and killing the symbols of Wolkite, later it started marrying their wives and daughters. By doing that TPLF worked hard to change the demography of Wolkite. The objective of undermining Eritrean martyrs is to destroy Eritrean values and open the door to Eritrean enemies to realize their long-held dream to compromise the symbols of Eritrean national identity and territorial integrity. So, anyone who undermines Eritrean martyrs is simply operating under the payroll of the TPLF. There could not be any other explanation for such irresponsible action because no citizen of a country disrespects his/her martyrs. The bottom line is in a country like Eritrea where each family has at least one martyr, any so-called treasonous political group that undermines Eritrean martyrs cannot come to power through the will of the Eritrean people.

Not Separating Government from Country.

Government is a political institution that administers a country for a certain period. After its time is up another government replaces it. As history tells us some governments stay in power longer than others. But neither of them stays in power forever. Unlike the government, a country lasts forever. That is why almost all opposition groups in the world oppose the government, not their country. Accordingly, it is about time to bring the famous Mark Twain quote here, “Loyalty to Country Always, Loyalty to Government When it Deserves it”. The message of the quote is no one in his/her right mind works against his/her country. If that is the case, anyone who is engaged in those treasonous activities needs to know that he/she is committing a high crime. If you oppose the policies of the government direct your criticism and anger toward those policies and the government, not against the country. To those Eritreans who love their country dearly, the author of this article likes to remind you that even after all the devastating war that we have recently witnessed, Tigray remains home to so-called local political parties and toxic diaspora groups that openly advocate for the establishment of Greater Tigray at the cost of the state of Eritrea and Ethiopian Afar and Amhara Administrative regions. Therefore, let’s not our guard down.

Blackmailing the Eritrean Army.

A national army is a collection of sons and daughters of the population of that nation. In Eritrea, an army has a special meaning. It is a group of volunteers who raised their arms to defend the country no matter what. Lack of enough food, meager salary, or unlimited service period does not discourage the Eritrean army from performing its job effectively. Because for the Eritrean Army despite the difficulties its commitment to its people and country comes first. Anyone who claims to be a citizen of a country and blackmails the Eritrean Army is not an Eritrean. It does not matter whether the Eritrean Army enters Tigray or fights within its boundaries, the mission is not to invade another country but to make Eritrea and Eritreans safe and secure. Some people think that the TPLF’s Missile attack on Eritrea started on November 2020. They are wrong. It started long before that. When the TPLF invaders crossed into Eritrea during the 1998-2000 war of aggression, they did not limit themselves to occupying the area they falsely claimed to belong to them. For those who have already forgotten it, in addition to the widespread rape, killing and wanton looting of private property, here is a sample list of Eritrean public institutions that were purposely destroyed by the TPLF Army.
1. Hirgigo power plant.
2. Senafe Hospital
3. Senafe telecommunications building.
4. The Belew kelew historical monument.
5. Barentu hospital.
6. Berentu Gashsettit hotel.
7. Alighider Cotton Ginning Plant
8. Shambuko Maryters cemetery.
The above-listed sample civil Eritrean institutions were not destroyed during an exchange of gunfire. They were purposely demolished by powerful dynamite after TPLF entered these areas and stayed for only 14 days. Did the Eritrean Army destroy the Tekeze power plant? No. Did the Eritrean Army destroy the Axum monument? No. Did the Eritrean Army destroy the Axum hospital? No. The point is the Eritrean Army is a very disciplined force that perfectly knows the enemies of Eritrea are TPLF leaders, not the Tigray people and its institutions. TPLF tried to use the unfortunate incident that happened to Monalisa Abraha for propaganda purposes against the Eritrean army. Later, in her own words, Monalisa testified that the Eritrean army saved her life. Similarly, an older gentleman whom the Eritrean army found thrown on the side of the road from Shire to Maitsemri testified on Tigray TV that the Eritrean army put him in their truck, gave him food, and dropped him in a hospital. These are some of the good Samaritan acts of the Eritrean army that escaped the TPLF sinister demonization campaign. So, the Eritrean army is a decent human being and not an animal as defeated TPLF’s propagandists put it and Eritrean treasonous groups claim it to be. As we continue burying TPLF and its evil acts the truth about the Eritrean army will continue to emerge and will be spoken by none other than the Tigrayans themselves.

Working For Foreign Special Interest Actors.

Anyone who wants to understand the origin of western policy toward Africa has only to hear the recent European Foreign Policy Chief, Joseph Borrell’s speech that characterized Europe as a Garden that needs to be protected from the rest of the world which he thought was a jungle. Moreover, recently former US special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffery Feltman’s article titled “Ethiopia’s Hard Road to Peace” that lays the ground to label Eritrea as a spoiler of the peace process between the Ethiopian Federal Government and the TPLF would be an additional reference. The article indicates how the US wants to shape the future of Horn of Africa Politics. Feltman knows very well that when the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command Eritrea saved Ethiopia from disintegration. Also, without Eritrea, the current TPLF’s current overture towards peace would have not been achieved. Ignoring such truth, Feltman falsely argues that Eritrea wants Ethiopia to remain weak. If Eritrea wanted Ethiopia to remain weak, why would it work hard to save it from disintegration? The truth is Feltman is laying the ground for the upcoming US overt and covert activities that intend to create a rift between Ethiopia and Eritrea. TPLF is a conduit for that. As his army was going to the abyss, a defeated TPLF’s crying general shamelessly argued that without the TPLF US interests in the horn of Africa would not be protected because Eritrea will dominate it. He begged the US to support the TPLF. The crying defeated TPLF General openly admitted that TPLF is a US proxy against Eritrea. Previously the same crying disgruntled TPLF general also said during his study in the US he uncovered a legal clause that would enable Ethiopia to claim Eritrea’s Assab. He told the world that a legal clause that was hidden from a high-powered legal team that was representing Ethiopia in the Ethio-Eritrea border legal proceeding was discovered by an amateur student who was writing a master’s paper. If this is the truth, then why are Eritrean Chalabis working for foreign special interest actors? Well, they do not have any hope at all. For anyone who is falling into a deep gorge, it is logical for him to try to catch anything that he thinks would save him from death. Other than that, anyone who claims to be a citizen of Eritrea would not write a letter urging the AU mediators to mention Eritrea as a “foreign force” in the agreement. This is only something that recently came to the open. What else are they conspiring inside the hidden office corridors of the western world?

Trying to be More Tigrayan than the Tigrayans.

Some people may think that few YouTubers with Eritrean heritage willfully advocate against the suffering of the Tigray people. However, if you dig deeper, you will find it is not true. YouTube pays YouTubers based on the number of viewers’ click times and the number of subscribers. So, if you are sub-patriotic and you want to earn money from YouTube, you must choose a popular issue that increases your viewership. Because the Tigrayan diasporas were highly distraught by the war, they were the ones who spent most of their time scouting the internet for favorable news. So, if you have true or fabricated favorable news for Tigrayans, you win the market and ultimately increase your earnings. Such business opportunities even attracted YouTubers from Pakistan and India. But such hidden motive goes further than the money that comes from YouTube. It is well known that TPLF gives money to individuals and institutions that vilify the Eritrean government. For instance, some years ago a TPLF agent who operates under the nickname of “Pilot” was exposed depositing money to the accounts of some Eritreans who were harshly criticizing the Eritrean government. Disgruntled diaspora Eritrean musicians also incite violence at pro-government diaspora events simply to destroy the competition in the diaspora music event market. Overall, leaving those who have a deep-rooted hatred for the Eritrean government aside, most of the subversive activity in the diaspora is shaped by an economic interest than a genuine concern for the welfare of the Tigray people. That is why you always hear Tigrayan YouTubers warning the so-called Eritrean subversive YouTubers not to interfere in Tigray’s affairs. Now that, sooner or later, TPLF is handing over its weapons to the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, you will start to see a realignment in the Eritrean subversive YouTube actors.

Subversive Acts of Failed Eritrean So-Called Diaspora Academicians.

Nowadays it is common to see Eritrean academicians who moved to foreign countries in search of greener pastures ending up being a daily staple in the so-called Eritrean opposition group YouTube channels. As a foreign academician, to be successful in the western world you need to work harder than the citizen academicians. In the western academic position ranking, there are three challenging steps an academician needs to pass through to secure a permanent job. For instance, in the American academic rank system, after someone earns a Ph.D. he or she can be hired as a lecturer or as an assistant professor. To make it clearer, only those who have a good research background and language skills are hired as assistant professors. If not, even if you have a Ph.D., you could end up languishing as a lecturer or worse as a research fellow, a visiting professor, an adjunct professor, or a refugee agency interpreter. Also, only those who are initially hired as assistant professors can progress to associate and then full professor ranks. Now you need to investigate the background of those propagandists whom you wrongly call professors. To cover their failure in their academic career it is common to see failed Eritrean academicians boasting their inexistent political analytical skills and simply poisoning the younger diaspora population with false logic. Accordingly, it is not uncommon to see a failed Eritrean economist, veterinarian, and even a failed Eritrean marine biologist leading treasonous meetings and constantly appearing in subversionary YouTube programs. You rarely see successful Eritrean academicians wasting their time and energy in such useless meetings or YouTube programs. Because time is precious for them. Instead of using whatever opportunity the western world bestows to foreigners those incapable and failed so-called Eritrean academicians are serving as western errand boys and Eritrean Ahmed Chalabis. For those who did not know Ahmed Chalabi of Iraq, he was the one who fed the CIA false information about Iraq. Later after he was expelled from the Iraqi parliament and mistreated by the American Army, he died in Iraq.


In the current very dangerous and complicated world, it is not uncommon to see governments succumbing to outside pressure and taking their county and people to the abyss. If you were to ask the citizens of Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya about their current predicament they would tell you they regretted being involved in overthrowing their previous governments. I am not saying change is not necessary. I am arguing that a change that did not follow an orderly transfer of power ends up in the hands of foreign handlers and leads to the suffering of the people and ultimately the disintegration of the country. To save your country from evil foreign acts, honor your martyrs and your flag, support your army no matter what, be loyal to your country and work hard to improve your country’s governance through constructive criticism. To sum up the correct approach to bringing change in your country is to follow Mark Twain’s notable quote “Loyalty to Country Always, Loyalty to Government When it Deserves it”.
Victory to the Masses and Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs.

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