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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Setit Identified Unauthorized Website Transferring Setit Contents and Claiming Ownership

Screenshot 20220226 013947 MessengerA website TEFETAWI SHOW without authorization copied entire contents of several Tigrinya news stories from Setit Media, Saturday, February 26. TEFETAWI TALKSHOW site placed Setit news articles on its site not only failed to cite source or link the content to Setit, but also removed bylines of setit media journalists from the stories and placed Tefetawi show.

Setit material in the past had been subjected to plagiarism but this incident was unprecedented immediately triggering a system notification alert.  

Exceeding beyond the level of plagiarism, an over 10 setit media Tigrinya news articles were harvested by TEFETAWI TALKSHOW website. Setit media material are now moved from the website after we informed contact person to remove them. 

Screenshot 20220226 014140 MessengerSuch act is considered online theft – unlawful copying or reproduction action and is prosecuted under the law violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Setit media is run by volunteer journalists and web content specialists. The website is among the few credible sites producing news, articles, and YouTube programs with contents focusing on Eritrea, regional and international issues.

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