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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Desecrators of the Sacred Trust

bereketProfessor Bereket Habte Selassie has published over 20 books; covering topics from the making of the Eritrean Constitution to the principles of self-determination, to Pan-Africanism. Essays, novels, poetry, and an autobiography … he has done it all.
But his latest book, “Desecrators of the Sacred Trust” is different. Really different. This time, he chose a topic that can be summarized as a daring journey to the dark side of a tyrant’s mind. By comparing and contrasting Trump’s dictatorial tendencies and mirroring them against that of Isaias Afwerki’s, he paints a picture of how the decision-making process of sociopaths work.
It is a giant leap indeed and from the get-go, Dr. Bereket makes it clear as he has it summarized on the back cover: “Comparing the two leaders from two countries with striking contrast in size, history and government structure may seem strange. America is a democratic republic with a constitution two hundred and thirty years old; Eritrea is a dictatorship ruled by an unelected former guerrilla leader who suppressed a ratified constitution and rules by decree. However, both leaders are dedicated to the destruction of, or at the very least, the demeaning of the primary values of the democratic epoch, namely, democracy and rule of law.”
The renowned American writer, lecturer, and feminist Gloria Steinem agrees. In her review of the book, she said “By showing us the shared characteristics of two dangerous leaders on two distant continents, Bereket Selassie has given us a life-saving road map to choosing our future leaders on Spaceship Earth”.
An interesting book by one of Eritrea’s very interesting writers, indeed. Professor Bereket is a brilliant wordsmith who makes even the unpalatable subject matter fresh, engaging, and relevant in today’s world. I highly recommend reading this unique book written as history unfolds at this unique juncture.
On a personal note … I feel both grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to play a role in editing the book and also in designing the book cover. That meant spending some quality time over the past few months with the gracious, humble, wise, witty, and humorous, Dr. Berket. What a bonus it was for me. What a bonus.
The book is now available for ordering at myamazingbooks
Happy reading!

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