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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Eritrean Foreign Minister Addresses Global South Challenges and Urges Solidarity at Third South Summit in Uganda

Mr. Osman Saleh Calls for Collective Action to Overcome Interconnected Global Crises

Kampala, Uganda – January 22, 2024: In a statement delivered at the Third South Summit in Kampala, Uganda, Mr. Osman Saleh, the Foreign Minister of the State of Eritrea, congratulated the Republic of Uganda for assuming the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China. He commended Cuba for its exemplary leadership as the outgoing Chair and emphasized the need for genuine cooperation and partnership within the Global South.

Highlighting the interconnected challenges faced by member states, Mr. Saleh underscored the threats posed by unprovoked wars, geopolitical tensions, climate calamities, and public health pandemics. He expressed concern that despite halfway through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, many countries in the Global South, particularly in Africa, continue to face poverty and stagnant socio-economic conditions.

Drawing attention to Eritrea’s own challenges arising from a thirty-year war for independence and subsequent conflicts, Mr. Saleh emphasized the impact of UN Security Council sanctions and unilateral coercive measures on the country’s development. Despite these challenges, he highlighted Eritrea’s resilience in rehabilitating its economy through a development strategy focused on social justice and partnership.

The Foreign Minister called for an end to coercive unilateral measures imposed for political purposes, urging solidarity among member states to terminate such actions. He also advocated for the reform of the international financial architecture to address the needs of developing countries.

Mr. Saleh cautioned against normative pledges that list false hopes, urging realistic and achievable programs of action in future summits. He emphasized the importance of sincere cooperation and solidarity within the Group of 77 and China and the wider UN membership to address global crises and ensure sustainable development.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Saleh strongly called for an immediate end to the war on the Palestinian civilian population and public institutions. He asserted that the inalienable rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people should be fully respected, emphasizing their right to self-determination and the need for peace in the region.

The statement by Mr. Osman Saleh at the Third South Summit resonates as a call for unity, cooperation, and solidarity to overcome the challenges faced by the Global South and advance towards sustainable development.

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