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Sunday, July 21, 2024

TPLF fundraisers, spies, and propagandists cannot be Eritreans

The last four years (2018-2022) were monumental for Eritrea. Eritrea and Ethiopia reconciled. After terrorizing Eritrea for twenty years, Eritrea’s mortal enemy the Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) is no more. Eritrea’s land which was illegally occupied by the TPLF clique for twenty years has been returned to its owners. Eritrea, which was under crippling United Nations Sanctions, orchestrated by the West, is removed. Many previously hidden treasonous voices who claimed to be Eritreans came to the surface and real Eritreans were made aware of their enemies. Below I like to discuss some of the treasonous activities that you would not believe an individual or a group that claims to be an Eritrean dare to do.


Regardless of its validity, Tigreans who support the TPLF have grievances against Eritreans. When the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Federal Army stationed in Tigray and planned to take power in Addis Ababa and then invade Eritrea, the Eritrean Army took fast action and foiled the ill-fated plan. Tigrean TPLF followers make Eritreans responsible for failing their doomed plan and their generals openly vowed for revenge. What is surprising is that the so-called few Eritrean treasonous individuals enlist Tigrayans to attack peaceful elderly men, women, and children in the diaspora who were minding their own business. About 80% of the so-called terrorist Birgagde Nehamedu members who are terrorizing the Eritrean diaspora community are Tigreans born and raised in Eritrea, stole Eritrean identity and resettled in Europe and North America as Eritreans, and married to Eritreans. After TPLF signed a Pretoria surrender agreement, they are on a desperate revenge mission against anyone who claims to be an Eritrean. They simply transitioned from wearing red and yellow T-shirts, waiving TPLF’s red and yellow flag and Tigray wins campaign to wearing a blue T-shirt, waiving an old Eritrean blue flag and so-called Birgade N’Hamedu brand. They are desperate low IQ individuals who think they have the authority to decide whether diaspora Eritreans should gather, or what political ideology they should have. They do not believe that citizens who reside in the Western world have equal rights. What recently happened in Europe, North America, and Israel was a typical example of such total ignorance. If the local government permits any group to conduct a gathering, it is a lawful gathering. It does not matter what the ideology of the group is. Even Neo- Nazis conduct a peaceful gathering in the United States and if they do it peacefully no one dares to interfere with their political activities. Don’t you think there are millions of Americans and especially Jewish Americans who hate the Neo-Nazis? According to your low IQ reasoning, everyone who does not like the Neo-Nazis should attack them.  When you attack the police and a meeting venue it is a criminal activity, and you are punishable by law. As if they were the policymakers, they justify their attack by saying they asked the police to stop it and refused. Who are you to order the police to stop a lawful gathering? Who gave you that right? Aren’t you a refugee and in some cases with no status at all? This is a grandiose ignorance born out of deep hatred and an appetite for revenge. Due to the intentional or unintentional double standard witnessed in some Western countries, you may have gotten your way in some places, but it will not be long before Eritreans reorganize themselves to meet the challenge and the law catches up to make you accountable for your terrorist activities. It has already started in Tel Aviv (Israel), Giessen (Germany), and Calgary (Canada). Having said that the inconceivable betrayal by those treasonous groups will need to be properly addressed when the time is right, and the perpetrators need to be made accountable. The blood of innocent children, women, and elderly Eritreans should not be in vain.


Although some betrayed their country in the past, Eritreans are known for their perseverance, love of country, unity, and high level of sacrifice. At no time in Eritrea’s history a group in the diaspora who claims to be Eritrean raised money for Eritrea’s historical enemies at all. Eritreans in the diaspora worked two to three jobs not only to support their family back home but also the Eritrean liberation struggle.  Unfortunately, in the last three years, millions of dollars have been raised and forwarded to Eritrea’s mortal enemy the TPLF. This happened when Eritrea was at war for its survival and the Eritrean gallant defense forces were spilling their blood to protect their country. What is even more disheartening is these groups donating the money to the TPLF in the name of Villages deep inside Eritrea that is inhabited by patriotic Eritreans who have an unwavering love for their country and its sovereignty. If there is any grand treason in the world, it cannot be greater than such crimes that have been committed against my beloved country, Eritrea. Imagine, an American raising money for the Taliban or Al Qaeda. What do you think the punishment the US court would pass on that individual? Anyone who claims to be an Eritrean and contributed money to the TPLF should also be held to the same standards.


The same individuals who often organize themselves under multiple treasonous groups have written letters in support of the TPLF, accused Eritrea of Genocide, and rolled over on the streets of big cities in North America and Europe in support of the TPLF. They wished the Eritrean Army was defeated and even advocated for sanctions against Eritrea. Overall, they were in sync with the enemy and their so-called leaders nicknamed them a branch of the short-lived and defeated so-called Tigray Defense Force (TDF). What is even more surprising is for them to openly claim that they spied on the Eritrean army and passed the information to the TPLF. To be specific the owner of J Studio and half Tigrayan, Yosief Gebrehiwet, claimed that he passed information about the movement of the Eritrean Army to the TPLF. He is a lost guy who works for the TPLF during the daytime and sends pictures of his genitals to women during the evening. He is one of the leaders of the terrorist group Birgade Nihamedu. The point is this is something that came to the surface but what about other treasonous activities committed by those groups still hidden from the people of Eritrea?


In a previously unheard propaganda pitch, the treasonous group worked with the TPLF in tandem to erase Eritrean Identity and replace it with Tigrean identity. It claimed the Eritrean struggle for independence was banditry and all the golden history of the liberation struggle that gave us a beautiful independent country should be erased. They openly said Eritreanism was their enemy and should be eliminated. To speed up their divide-and-rule propaganda they declared Islam was their enemy. They do not recognize Eritrea as a country with nine ethnic groups each having the same citizenship rights. They conduct meetings to award prizes to those who write and advocate against Eritrean nationalism and unity. They do everything they can to push anything Eritrean down. Its national flag, slogans, music, and even anyone who says I am Eritrean is their enemy. The hatred is infinite.


One of the complaints of the few Eritrean treasonous individuals is they could not visit their country and see their family. Even if many Eritrean army deserters and draft dodgers betrayed their colleagues and the country at the time Eritrea was fighting for its survival, the government showed leniency and allowed them to return to their country and see their families. Many have used the opportunity but some who were engaged in treasonous activities against the country ended up not benefiting from it. Compared to the experience of other countries that had draft dodgers and army deserters in the past, Eritrea’s policy is generous. When the United States Vietnam War draft dodgers fled to Canada, they were treated as criminals for 10 years until US President Jimmy Carter offered to pardon them in 1977. It was not a blanket pardon. It was case by case after being examined by the court. Fearing they might be accused of treason and end up in prison, even after the pardon, about half of those who had fled to Canada ended up not returning to the United States at all. Those who consider Eritrea’s policy regarding draft dodgers and army deserters as harsh, may not have read the policies and experiences of other countries. Countries have their uniqueness but when you move from one crime to the other you find it difficult to get back on the right track.


Any individual or group who does not qualify to be an Eritrean cannot advocate for Eritrea. To be an Eritrean and oppose the Eritrean government first you need to accept that Eritrea is a diverse country of nine ethnic groups whose unity forms the nation of Eritrea. Next, you are obliged to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Third, you need to be free of any treasonous activity against the country.  Accordingly, someone who raises funds for the mortal enemy of Eritrea, advocates, and spies for the enemy, rejects Eritrean identity and openly declares him/herself as a Tigrean, and terrorizes the diaspora Eritrean community does not qualify to be called an Eritrean. You might be born in Eritrea but if you do not have allegiance to the country, your citizenship is void. This is true in any country in the world including the United States. Therefore, the difference between real Eritrean nationalists and the treasonous groups who claim to fight for Eritrea is significant and cannot be reconciled. Whether they transition from the Tigray Wins camp to the terrorist Birgade Nehamedu group or come up with another group it does not whitewash their crimes. In the end, every individual in the group will have to respond to his/her crimes against the Nation of Eritrea.

Awet N’haffash and Eternal Glory to Our Myrters.

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  1. I think it is beter to litsen to the grivances of those who have been demonstrating. It is unhelpful to categorize them as non-eritreans or tigrayans simply because they are opposing.

  2. Listen to what grievance? These are criminals who attack women and children. If they had the guts they were armed and fled by throwing it away. These are cowards who pretend to be brave fighters. They fled for green pastures and when they failed to make a living they started attacking peaceful Eritreans. As the writer of the article mentioned it these defeated Tigreans and some Eritrean losers and Thieves who do not have any sense of direction.

  3. It is, of course, possible that there were tigrayans who participated. The assertion that the demonstrators were all tigrayans is , however, false simply because I know oridinary eritreans who demonstrated. I think it must be possible to study the grievances they are raising . You should remember that the best way to win the hearts of citizens is governmentś willingsness to litsen and to engage. Denying and badmouthing are not helpful.


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